Choosing Just One Maid of Honor

One of the most difficult wedding decisions brides face is choosing their maid of honor. Sure, it can be pretty simple when having one sister or a best friend from college, but having two sisters or best friends can seem to make the decision really complicated. It’s pretty common at weddings to have both a […]

Being A Bride On A Budget

Most brides aren’t lucky enough to start off your mornings by swimming in a pool full of money, so odds are you a planning a wedding on a budget. What does ‘bride on a budget’ mean when contacting vendors, though? Sometimes I will receive an email from a bride stating that she is on a […]

Taking Time Off

  Last week I did something that I’ve never done since starting my business: took time off. It was about a year ago that Chris and I made a west coast trip, hitting up Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Disneyland, and Valley of Fire. We were gone for just under two weeks and had an amazing […]

Why Photoshop Is Terrible

I’ve spent most of my life struggling with my weight. Regardless of how much I actually weighed, I was continuously being told how fat I was – even when I managed to get myself down to a size 0. A few months back, I stumbled upon another photographer’s website. As I poked around, I came […]

Melissa, Chad, & Maleki – Pregnancy Announcement – Lockridge Park

For years, Melissa and I were inseparable. As best friends, we were able to laugh together about absolutely nothing and practically read each other’s minds when something was bothering us. When Melissa contacted asking me to photograph a huge part of her life, I felt an excitement that couldn’t even be put into words.   […]